Introducing my First iOS App

You can download the app in question on iTunes.

Just the other day I wrote a generic post about my experience learning Swift as a Python Programmer while my app was pending review. It was recently approved and I already got a bunch of sales! And by a bunch of sales, I mean that I made a Facebook post about it, and then 7 people downloaded it. Then 2 more people downloaded it a few days later, and I think that was my in-laws.


In the picture you can start to make out the famous hockey stick curve. It’s at that inflection point where the sales will suddenly grow exponentially.

What does the App Do?

What doesn’t it do, you know what I’m saying?

I’ll be the first to say that the app is really nothing special. Its value is really the database it’s associated with, and I wanted a softball of an app to write to get the hang of things. Anyway, the app is nothing more than a client for the API based web application Exercise Library.

It’s a simple app that lets you easily navigate an exercise library by a hierarchy of muscle groups. You can further filter based on the exercise type (i.e. stretch, strength, power), and you can filter out exercises based on usable equipment.

Another nice feature: you can search for exercises with spell check and autocomplete.

And finally, that last nice touch that I’m proud of that no one will notice: when you play the videos it won’t interrupt the music you’re playing from your iPhone. The likely use case for the app is that you’re at the gym, rocking out and listening to Dethklok at maximum volume all the way up at 11, so to have music interrupted when a video was played would straight KILL the workout.


The Code

The code is really just the composition of some view controllers, table views, and table view cells. Actual code that did anything impressive was isolated to perhaps 10 total lines, so I won’t be showing any code samples (also because I’m still just learning Swift).