PyCon 2K14 Aftermath

This year I had the awesome opportunity of attending PyCon and getting to speak. A video of my talk is below:

At this point I’m kicking myself for a lot of things I forgot to mention or could have mentioned or better answered the questions I received, but I suppose hindsight is always 20/20. I also measure the success of a talk based on how many laughs are generated, so I also felt there were many missed opportunities for jokes, but oh well. Clearly I can work on becoming a better speaker, so hopefully I can get more talks accepted in the future.

Afterward, my company hosted a social which the blimp made an appearance at. We eventually reached the point where we needed to deflate the blimp, and naturally, everyone just started inhaling helium from the bag:

Some more pictures from this year’s conference are below. Most of them are mine, but some of them came from others through Flickr:

My Favorite Talks

So far I haven’t actually been able to view all of the talks at PyCon, so my current list might be inaccurate. However, from what I have seen, here were my favorite talks:

I’ll try and update these after I finished watching all of the videos.

  • Mark

    Altitude control, wind gusts, and GPS error.

    You mention in the video some ideas for controllers to better handle the altitude.

    Particle filtering and Kalman filtering are well understood approaches to **this** problem, take a look at them before reinventing the wheel.
    (or more generally Bayseian Methods and PGM’s).

    If you have any questions about them feel free to shoot them my way.

    • admin

      Thanks a bunch, I will definitely implement this!